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Disposable surgical grade cotton wool roll are made from 100% natural high high-quality cotton, these superior quality cotton then are processed through degreasing and bleaching to ensure white, soft. Cotton Wool are bleached without chlorine or chlorine derivatives, acidity and alkalinity free to guarantee the maximum quality of the product.
Cotton wool rolls features fluffy, comfortable and high absorbent and effective when applied to exposed wounds to absorb bodily fluids such as blood and pus. So cotton wool rolls are safe to be used on sensitive and delicate skin to prevent the development of an infection from developing, as well as cleaning the wound. Thickness and evenness of layer are nearly the same throughout the cotton wool roll. Due to the tightly spun fibers that compose the cotton, cotton wool rolls are easily separated and ripped into portions for cost effective to easily obtain desired amount of cotton wool without waste.
Cotton wool rolls are ideal for wound cleansing, application of medication, or packing of wound area or applying astringents; remove makeup or nail polish; facial wash pad; baby care. And Cotton wool rolls can also be used for gauze quilting together with the gauze roll. It can be used for minor burns, acute wound care, absorption of exudate, and so on.
Cotton wool rolls are offered in roll presentation, for cotton wool zigzag, contact the manufacturer. Cotton wool zigzag come in pads of medical grade cotton, both Cotton wool zigzag and Cotton wool rolls are similar and can virtually be used interchangeably, the primary difference only lies the shape and style for different applications.
Cotton wool rolls are available in various sizes, and only one roll of cotton wool is packed in one protective polythene bag.
Cotton wool rolls are offered for single use and non-sterile, and often offered in 100g, 200g, 300g, 450g and 500g, for other weight, contact the manufacturer.


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cotton wool rollCotton wool roll

Some specifications of cotton wool rolls are listed as follows:




403 001


1roll/pack, 200pks/case

403 008

500g, with interleaf

1roll/pack, 30pks/case

For specifications of cotton wool rolls required by end user or purchase order, contact the manufacturer.


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