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High quality dental cotton rolls are manufactured from 100% high quality natural white cotton, and feature super soft, high absorbent and no lint, The virgin cotton holds together better, maintains its shape when wet and will not adhere to mucous membranes, so dental cotton rolls are used to absorb saliva and other fluids to help keep operative areas free of excess moisture during dental procedures.
Dental cotton rolls can be used for many medical purpose, These small cotton rolls of cotton can be placed in a patient's mouth at the outset of treatment. They should be able to absorb sufficient fluids to aid the treatment, and they also should not stick to oral tissue when they are removed from the mouth following treatment.
Dental cotton rolls can be available with sterilize or non-sterilize in line with end users' request for application or preference. Sterile Dental Cotton Rolls have been treated to be suitable for absorption during dental procedures.

Feixia dental cotton roll features high absorbent and maintain shape during use, soft, pliable, non-lining and non-irritating without cellulose or rayon fibers and latex or chlorine free.
Each package of
dental cotton roll can be packed different size and weight as per order.


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dental cotton rolldental cotton roll

Some specifications of Dental Cotton Rolls are listed as follows:





409 001


50pcs/roll, 40rolls/box, 12boxes/case

409 002


50pcs/roll, 40rolls/box, 12boxes/case

Sterile in 5'S, in blister packing




409 007


5pcs/pack, 30pks/box, 20boxes/case

409 008


5pcs/pack, 30pks/box, 20boxes/case

For specifications of Dental Cotton Rolls required by end user or purchase order, contact the manufacturer.


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