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Gauze eye pads are made from 100% absorbent cotton and covered with a gauze outer layer with super softness and comfort for the patients, sealed edge helps to reduce lint to ensure maximum protection. Sterile gauze eye pads can be used for ophthalmic surgery or eye care to protect wound and absorb exudate, and gauze eye pads can also assist the healing process following trauma such as Corneal Abrasion. A gauze eye pad should be applied after an injury occurs and the wound has been initially washed and disinfected. Tape the eye pad over eye and do not irritate further. The eye pad will protect your eye from further damage
Gauze eye pads are specially designed to allow skin perspiration around the eye region by preventing the formation of sweat around the wound. The edges are neatly and tightly sealed along the whole circumference of the pad, thus avoiding the leakage of exudate.
Gauze eye pads can be available with a wide variety of sizes and features
Gauze eye pads are individually wrapped for your convenience. The highly absorbent pad offers excellent protection to the site.


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Gauze eye padGauze eye pad

Some specifications of gauze eye pads are listed as follows:






cotton:130gsm gauze:40'S/30¡Á30

1 pcs/pack


cotton:150gsm gauze:40'S/30¡Á30

1 pcs/pack

For specifications of gauze eye pads required by end user or purchase order, contact the manufacturer.


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