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Gauze masks are made from open weave, precut 100% absorbent cotton double gauze with 4 layers fabric for protection from microbial, cotton gauze face masks is designed with elastic straps for ear loops to ensure the masks feel secure, and nose wire or nose bridge that can be adjusted for more fit wearer and comfortable fabric. Elastic straps may be adjusted for smaller heads by being retied at the desired length and any excess strap may be trimmed. Gauze masks feature with high elasticity and high comfortable breathability with a low resistance rating to be antimicrobial face masks. These gauze masks are not for medical purpose, or not KN95 masks regarding to the use of these masks. Our non-medical protective face gauze masks have a high quality, four layer micro fiber filter for the filtration of airborne particles and has a filtration effect of 95%. Three prevailing sizes of gauze masks (small, medium, and large) are available to fit for adults and kids.
Gauze mesh is associated with the density of the cotton that the gauze mask is made from. A higher mesh count signifies higher density of the gauze mask. Gauze yarn relates to the fineness (or coarseness) of the
gauze mask. An elevated yarn count is indicative of courser threads. Gauze ply refers to the number of layers that compose the gauze mask.
For KN95 face masks or N95 face masks, contact the manufacturer.


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Gauze maskGauze mask

Some specifications of gauze masks are listed as follows:




13cm9.5cm(for adult use)



12cm8.5cm(for children use)



23cm17cm(for adult use)



For specifications of gauze masks required by end user or purchase order, contact the manufacturer.

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