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Triangular bandage is also called a triangle sling, triangle swathe, triangle bandage, also referred to as triangular dressing, can be made out of 100% high quality cotton woven calico or non-woven fabric fiber with sewn edge, triangular bandage that is also known as cravat bandage, is essentially a piece of muslin cloth put into a right-angled triangle, and often provided with safety pins to secure it in place, Triangular bandages are also available in sterile and non-sterile options, dependent on whether the end user are going to dress a wound. According to requirement, Triangular bandages can be available in bleached or unbleached.
Mesh is associated with the density of the fabric fiber that the
triangular bandages are made from. A higher mesh count signifies higher density of the triangular bandage. Gauze yarn relates to the fineness (or coarseness) of the triangular bandage. An elevated yarn count is indicative of courser threads.
Triangular bandages are one of the most versatile bandages, and are essential in a first aid kit. Triangular bandage can be of versatile application includes being used in wound care to provide support and elevation for injured limbs when used to create a sling. Triangular Bandages can also be used to compress, and protect a variety of injuries, and also are ideal for holding first aid dressings or cold packs in place. Triangular bandages can be folded as a thick rectangle of cloth, then the cravat can be placed over a large wound. In this case, triangular bandage functions like a trauma pad, absorbing blood and helping to stop bleeding. Because of all of these uses and potentially more, a triangular bandage is considered a staple in most first aid kits.
Triangular bandages are often individually wrapped in sealed polybag for cleanliness.
Dimensions of triangular bandage are often as follows: 434361cm, 109.22109.22154.94cm, for other dimensions of triangular bandage, contact the manufacturer.


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Triangular bandageTriangular bandageTriangular bandage

Some specifications of triangular bandages are listed as follows:











For specifications of triangular bandages required by end user or purchase order, contact the manufacturer.

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